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DIABOLIK LOVERS ~Jealousy wo tomenaide~ (Reiji & Subaru) [ENGLISH]

I've been procrastinating this translation for so long because these two are my least favorite Sakamakis, but here it is finally. Reiji's and Subaru's tracks for Jealousy wo tomenaide. Neither I nor the girl who helped me translate are fluent in Japanese so there might be some mistakes. My English grammar might be a bit messed up too, so if someone has any suggestion or correction please tell me so I can fix it ^^

VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ (todos los personajes)


Track 05 - Reiji
[CV. Konishi Katsuyuki]

Excuse me, are you there? Hello? Hello? Please answer me. It's no use. I will enter the room immediately.

*Reiji enters by using force*

[00:41] I saw this coming. Hey, resist. Geez, leaving aside the fact that I do the same as Kanato, however losing control and do this... Open your eyes. Are you awake at last? Seriously, being carefree has its good side, only you could collapse while taking a bath.

[01:30] Eh? You felt tired so you fell asleep? What if something happened? Hmmp. It was stupid of me to worry. It was nothing but a nap. You ask if I thought you fainted?

[01:57] That is correct. I dislike the thought of waking up and finding my food dead out of negligence. That was my worry. You certainly like to cause me trouble. Why are you smiling? Eh? Are you happy that I worried? *sighs* People like you, carefree, never fails to impress me. That is why you always end up being overused by that kid.

[02:46] Well, it is true that half of it is my fault, however, it is up to me how I take care of my possessions. Putting that aside, though you are my food you submitted to Kanato and without my permission he made use of your body. Don't you believe that you owe me an apology?

[03:20] Just so you know, I watched while Kanato did all those horrible things to you. How he corrupted you. Aah, the mere thought of it makes me mad, you are so spoilt.

[03:46] You were making a delighted expression, didn't you? What were you feeling at that time? It wasn't me but him who made you feel good, here and, he bit you so many times. Answer me at once. Do you understand? My rage increases everytime I remember about it. You didn't try to escape at that time? You didn't refuse and said no to him? Hey. Eh? Your arm hurts? You want me to let you go?

[04:53] You understand who are you talking to? Blood is still oozing from this bite. It's the place where Kanato bit you, right? Does it hurt? I am aware, that's why I'm doing it.

[05:21] Ah, you stained my arm with your blood. You're helpless. Why is it that even when my heart is feeling so shaken I feel so excited? Explain it to me. *slurps*
Why can't I stop drinking your blood no matter how much I drink? As if I needed it inside me. *slurps* So sweet. Blended with the water from the shower is like the tea I drink in the morning. I can't stop. Under that skin runs more sweet blood. At risk of ending up unconscious myself my fans reach for your skin.

[07:09] More, I need more blood. *slurps* Doing this is stupid.

[07:41] Hey, do you understand? Everything Kanato did make me furious. Even though I know you didn't wish for it, for some reason I vent all of my anger and rage on you. In spite of knowing Kanata is the one that should pay. It's unfair, right? Yes, I am well aware myself. Nevertheless, as I think about it I practice such injustice and I end up drinking. I get caught up in whorl. Your blood is better than any invented medicine. Here I thought your eyes had gone glassy already, yet it seems I still have room to make you drown in pleasure.

[09:20] You're falling apart and yet you managed to make that face, you're really fearsome.

[10:18] We still have plenty to enjoy. It is only fair for me to drink your blood. Yes, vampires are the type of creature that cannot go against their nature. That's right, me doing this is because of your blood.

Track 06 - Subaru
[CV. Takashi Kondou]
Ah? I was wondering who it was and it's you.
Are you preparing food? Amazing, what are you cooking? Ah? A soup with ingredients you had at hand? Tsk. Geez. You here is... you really don't care about the who, right?

Why am I so mad?? Don't fuck with me. There's just one possible reason for me to be so angry!
Don't you get it? They’re messing with you. Don't you feel anything? I at least I'm enraged. Playing with yo- with my prey, doing as they please. There's no way I can calm down! *breaks some dishes* Damn it, I can't calm down. My stomach boils out of hate towards them.

[01:52] You say it's not like that. I wonder if it's true, with that face you made. You seemed very pleased afterwards. How was it? Tsk, I can't believe a single word you say. Show me your neck. Quickly! What am I gonna do? Ja, it's plain obvious. If you’re not satisfied then I'm gonna sink my fangs on you until I can't take it any longer. If you dare to resist I'm gonna tear you apart. I'd rather tear you apart myself before handing you to them. What's wrong? If you’re scared then stay still. I won't stop drinking your blood until I feel satisfied. *Subaru bites you and sucks your blood*

[03:25] It still needs to ooze. You're really and unbelievable woman. I'm gonna bite you from the other side now. *Subaru bites you again* It's sweet, so much sweeter from this side, like honey. *continues drinking* How does your body feels? Having me drinking from you like this. I can't stop. I might be unconsciously taken by your body and blood. It's your fault that I'm like this. Your body, no, the whole of you is inviting me. Be aware of it. Be aware and embarrass yourself more. Come here.

[05:07] I'm gonna bite you some more. Show me your arm. *he bites you and sucks deeply* More *slurps* It's weird. Even though I should feel exhausted after being driven crazy out of hate, my appetite is endless. *drinks again* It's your fault. Assume your responsibility. *drinks again* The sweetness of the blood oozing from your throbbing veins. *drinks some more* Damn it, how can it be so sweet? *heavy breathing* Your face tells me your also enjoying it. Hey, never ever, no...

[06:57] Don't ever give your blood to any of the idiots that live in this house. You are mine only. You're my prey. Promise me. Quickly. What would happen to you if you break the promise you ask? Haha. What are you saying? You're already talking about breaking it even before making it? You just have to give it a little bit of thought to know. Don't make me repeat myself: I'm gonna tear you apart. I'll also tear the others apart of course. I'll destroy everything, absolutely everything. I'll break it into a thousand pieces so it can never be rebuilt again. You don't want that, right? Haha. Are you scared? That's the kind of man I am. Well, from the beginning you've been the only one to make me this upset. Eh? Not Laito you ask? Ha. At the end you were the one who took him in, that made me furious. Okay, I'm gonna bite you some more. I'm gonna bite you with enough strength to make you forget him.

[08:34] You want me to forgive already? Just give up and take it. You gotta pay for your sin with your own blood and body. Give me your hand. I'm gonna put a scar on it as the proof of your sin, one that will never fade. Hurry. C'mon! You're trembling. It's your first time in this spot? *Subaru bites you* This is not enough, I want much more. I'm gonna leave you a scar. One that won't fade during your whole life. Deep, strong. Be ready, you won't be able to escape from me.

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